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The key element of the ColourSchool project based on screenings, is the creation and implementation of the methodogy for a complex programme which increases the sensitivity of 16 secondary school classes through a whole school year. The aim of the project is to increase their social sensitivity, social awareness and openness and also to extend their knowledge concerning immigration, to inform their teaches and as a resnet to improve the integration and acceptance of citizens of the third country living in Hungary. The impact of the films, the responsiveners of the youth and making them more active, creative and knowledgable are all key factors as well as the preventive anti-xenophobic nature of the project. In the course of the project a quiz questionarie and a booklet will be made and by the distribution of these the impact and the efficiency of the programme gets multiplied. The project closes with an assessment for secondary school students which fills a gap.

    The project is co-financed by the European Integration Fund of the European Union.

    Project number: EIA/2012/1.2.2.





The program is an excellent opportunity to show the schoolchildren the real stories behind immigrants and their lives, as well as to open the minds of the pupils on the topic of multiculturalism. The program provides them with an opportunity to see and touch the lives of the immigrants directly and to avoid biased package of what an immigrant is delivered through the media. I enjoyed meeting with the children and playing with them in a life-story, as they seemed to be very interested and enthusiastic about the whole collection of things and the stories behind them. I hope this project can develop and spread to wider range of schoolchildren and students, as it is important to provide alternative points of view to teh people starting from an early age. Maria

Supporting ColorSchool project was a wonderful experience for me. The youngsters were kindly engaged and genuinely interested in the deeply program in its entire and in conversations with guests in particular. The activity that framed the conversation was very exciting for them - using personal items is indeed a great way to convey a feeling of personality and to engage youth. Also, working as a counselor for an international center located in Budapest, I unfortunately dont have a lot of opportunities to meet local youth, and I am very grateful for the professional team of the project for the exceptional occasions. I wish ColorSchool project the best of success in the following years, and hope many more youth will be able to benefit from this program and its warm and inspiring professional team in the future. Warmly, Yana

ColourSchool, an extraordinary reminder program which makes you see saved mental impression again. I felt comfortable going to this program and talking to students. Seeing many high school students, talking to them about the stories behind the objects we have and making them think of, even though for few second is very pleasantly. It is a very good program to make high school students think and use their thoughts and try to focus, to imagine some story and to find the closest one which is behind the objects. I believe it makes students creative and it is so artistic. The most amazing thing of going to ColourSchool for me was that I remembered beautiful memories which I have had with my stuffs. It is worth to try it anytime. I would like to join this program again. Mamad

I came blank and left with colors, that is how I would, could or should define the occasion, me as well as the other asylum seekers were really excited about the occasion, who got to know about the occasion through me, and we together gathered the objects, it was a real sweet experience on both ends for me, because at one point I got the chance to talk to the native youth and on the other side my asylum seeker friends were really excited to know about "what happened there" quiz questions were fun, though the time was short, but I believe it still served the purpose, all the youth were sensible, friendly and open minded, I enjoyed every second with them, while walking back to the bus stop, I was smiling, thinking about the information smiles, laughs and words we shared, finally I would like to appreciate and thank for the given opportunity, the organizing team, and every person related to this project. Amir


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